DIY Work N Shop


DIY Work N Shop


Workshop class instructed by designer and Fashion stylist Natalie Karyl to assist dolls in creating up cycled garments and design their clothing into new wearable art. We will guide dolls into updating their style by manipulating clothing in their wardrobe with hands on and one on one instructions and question and answer guidance by Natalie Karyl and her team. The Class is available for sewers and nonsewers. 

Techniques and Skills Covered:

  • Manipulating sleeve patterns to make puff/pleated sleeves and attach

  • Ruffle/Rosette application 

  • Hand sewing embellishments

  • Gathering, draping, tacking techniques  

  • Learn how to sketch ideas for creating a new look for an existing look

  • Q&A session with designer Natalie Karyl


Sun August 5th, 2pm-5pm

2pm-5pm Work session 

5pm-Until Shopping Collection

Items to Bring:

  • 2 of the same tee shirts (preferably white)

  •  A denim jacket (for puff/pleated sleeve)

  • Jeans or a top to distress/embellish


Non-sewer (knows how to hand sew)

and Sewer (knows how to use a sewing machine)



SEE You There !!! 

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