Let's Chat About Our New Jackets!!

If you are in the DHB loop, then sure you've pre-ordered your jackets that are hitting the showroom floor in early December! 

Otherwise, you should subscribe, follow our IG and stay in the loop because we were so excited that you all loved them and decided to order a few more in! Yup. You read that right! 

Anyways, for the dolls that did get on it! How excited are you?! 

Let's get into them below! 

Okay, so the military jacket that was available for pre-ordering was the most popular one for sure! We are so excited to see how you will style this one! 

Don't you just love this dual design!?

The military jacket will be IN the shop by 12/7 and just in time for the holiday parties, gatherings, girls' night outs, and date nights! As for the jacket below, she'll be IN 12/15! 

Now, on to this stunner of a jacket! *Falls out*

I mean the fur, the tweed, the detail. It's a winner in my book! It's sort of like if Olivia Pope and June Ambrose had a baby. Yeah, it's just like that. 

Leave a comment & tell us which two you love, pre-ordered, or NEED in your closet ASAP! 



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  • Michelle HARE

    Hello, I love them both and would like both please

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