Karyl Canvas: “Quickie” Youth Booster
Karyl Canvas: “Quickie” Youth Booster

Karyl Camvas

Karyl Canvas: “Quickie” Youth Booster

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Ageless eyes? Yes please!  

When combined for overnight usage, these two serum are a powerhouse against wrinkles, puffy eyes, and aging skin.  With just a pearls size amount of the wrinkle recovery serum and a pump of the eye corrector serum you’re giving your face the “triple threat”, triple peptides, retinol, and Vitamin A. These 3 powerful agents absorb in the skin over night and you’ll wake up looking refreshed and youthful ready to start the day.

Daily Evening Routine Instructions:

After cleansing your face with your favorite cleanser (we recommend our Cucumber Daily Facial Cleanser), apply a pearl size about of the “Wrinkle Recovery Serum” to your full face and neck. Be sure to pay special attention to any problem areas (I.e. laugh lines and/crows feet).
Follow with one pump on the Eye Recovery Serum. Apply the serum underneath the eye as well as the corners getting as close to the eye as possible. Allow the excess to air dry, this allows the skin time to naturally absorb the product and give the skin a deep hydration.